The Government Of Canada Has Issued Urgent New Hurricane Season Travel Advisories

Global Affairs Canada wants Canadians to take precautions.
The Government Of Canada Has Issued Urgent New Hurricane Season Travel Advisories

The summer travel season is upon us. Already, airlines and travel blogs have begun to announce deals and publish essential travel lists for wanderlustful Canadians.

Summer travel is not without its hazards, however. The government of Canada, for example, regularly posts travel advisories for citizens on its website.

This warnings and notices are meants to educate Canadians about specific risks in countries and regions around the globe.

Though these threats are often political in nature, they may also sometimes concern dangers to Canadians health and, increasingly, menacing natural phenomena.

Today, the government is preemptively warning of severe weather projected to hit popular tropical destinations for Canadians.

"Global Affairs Canada reminds Canadians to take severe weather conditions into consideration when planning their travels," a press release reads. "This includes hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones and monsoons that could have a serious impact on your safety."

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Global Affairs Canada also highlights specific regions most at risk during Hurricane season: "the most threatened areas for hurricanes are the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America and the east and Gulf coasts of the United States."

Recall that last year, the Canadian companies had to dispatch additional planes to evacuate Canadians in the path of hurricane Irma in the Caribbean.

Earlier in the year, the government also advised Canadians to avoid all travel to part of the southern United States as hurricane Florence approached the shore.

In 2017, as Hurricane Maria ravaged the Caribbean, Global Affairs asked Canadians to “contact their loved ones who may be in harm’s way to ensure that they are aware of the latest recommendations. Travellers should also contact their friends and family at home to let them know they are safe."

In this latest press release, the government encourages Canadians to stay apprised of meteorological developments and to check the travel advisories page twice: "before purchasing your trip and again before you leave Canada."

You can check the travel advisories page here.

Review the entire press release from Global Affairs Canada here.

Hurricane season "begins in mid-May and lasts until the end of November." Be sure to see if your travel destination is prone to severe weather.

Stay tuned for more information.