The Government Of Canada Is Hiring Wizards Like Harry Potter And You Can Easily Apply

The government of Canada has issued a rather strange job posting. Infoman points out that the government job posting site is currently advertising a recruitment effort for "Various Administrative Wizardry Positions." No, this is not a drill. You can finally put all of those skills gleaned from hours spent reading and watching the Harry Potter series to good use.

There are temporary, part-time, and full-time positions. This might just be the dream summer job, especially when you note that the starting salary is $57,430, and it goes up to $61,877. The deadline to apply is August 30.

No, this is not a joke. I at first thought this was a fake website designed to look to the government's page, but the job is easily found on the government of Canada's website. Just go to the government's job search site and type "wizard" into the search bar.

Via Government of Canada

The website encourages all wizards to apply. "No matter what ‘house’ you belong to, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS) has various teams that we would love to use our ‘sorting hat’ to place you into."

"We are looking for strong and motivated candidates that are interested in making an impact on Canadian citizens. With our Talent Management Program, we will help you grow, learn and further develop your magical career within the Public Service."

Aside from the abovementioned blurb, there is no description as to the day-to-day tasks of the wizards. Maybe it's confidential information that is best kept secret from muggles...

Persons residing in Canada and Canadian residents living abroad are eligible to apply.

You also need to have a secondary school diploma and experience in administrative support services, processing, tracking, and proof reading documents and experience liaising with and providing advice or guidance to management, staff, or clients. 

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The deadline to apply is August 30, but if you want to be considered early, apply by April 7. The government, aka the Ministry of Magic, "will conduct the first random selection of applicants — also known as "wizards" — on April 8, 2019."

Every Harry Potter fan should definitely consider giving this unique position a shot!

Find out more and apply here!