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The Government Of Canada Is Officially Accusing Telecom Companies Of "Harming" And "Misleading" Canadians

Reports confirmed almost half of respondents experienced aggressive behaviour from the providers.
The Government Of Canada Is Officially Accusing Telecom Companies Of "Harming" And "Misleading" Canadians

The issue has been around for awhile — Canadians have complained of the misleading or aggressive sales practices of telecom companies. The practices that customers have faced are often met with confusion, frustration, and the feeling of being cheated by these service companies. Well, the government of Canada has finally stepped in, and is accusing the telecom companies of harming and misleading Canadians.

Because of repeated accusations from consumers, the Government advised the Candian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to produce a report on the "aggressive" sales practices of Canada's largest service providers. The findings include the prevalence of such practices, existing consumer protection, and ways to empower consumers.

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TL;DR The Government of Canada asked the CRTC to conduct a report on the misleading and aggressive practices of service providers, and how it harms Canadians. The report confirmed that at least 40% of respondents have experienced these practices before. More details below.

So, the CRTC ran the report to get to the bottom of misleading sales practices from the service providers, using multiple platforms such as Twitter and interviews with past employees to answer questions from the Order of Council.

My elderly mother was talked into services she did not need. I had to call Bell to cancel the services. Bell wanted to charge her the cancellation fee in spite of the explanation of her mental state. I had to escalate to the manager to cancel, waiving the charge. #CRTCforum

October 22, 2018

#crtcforum#customer#complaints worst customer service in history from @virginmobilecan "free tablet" = cheap quick cash grab couldn't care less about gaining a customer just want to scam thousands out of $200. That's how we do it at Virgin scam center.

November 16, 2018

The CRTC asked questions such as whether or not Canadians were receiving misleading sales practices, what service providers are doing to change their practices, what protection consumers have against unfair practices and what should be done to further promote fair treatment.

Hey @RogersWireless WTF are you charging me $12 a day to “roam like home” after a preemptive call to your service centre & turning off cellular data on my phone? $252 worth of “service” I DO NOT WANT & CAN’T OPT OUT OF This is why you’re in the news #crtcforum#cndpoli#rogers

November 2, 2018

The results confirmed that 40% of Canadians that responded to the online panel survey reported experiencing aggressive or misleading sales practices by telecommunications companies. The majority of these people also reported that their most recent experience took place within the last year.

#CRTCforum I was sold bell satellite tv last dec over the phone when I went to cancel my home phone. They said my overall costs would decrease & I could get rid of Rogers. They drilled into my house. In May satellite stopped working due to neighbours trees. Still not resolved

October 27, 2018

This confirms what the Government of Canada already suspected, the sales practices of Service Providers in Canada are "misleading" and often "aggressive," according to the report. It's also confirmed that Canadians are being harmed, especially vulnerable Canadians and people with disabilities.

Luckily, the findings will lead to monitoring all the retail practices of the service providers and offering more protection to consumers.

For more information and to read the completel study by the CRTC, click HERE.

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