The Government Of Canada Is Paying Residents Of This Quebec Town Up To $25,000 Each

Constant police presence has become a major disturbance.
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The Government Of Canada Is Paying Residents Of This Quebec Town Up To $25,000 Each

Canada is a remarkably generous country. Sure, its bureaucracy can be sometimes dysfunctional, but the country also boasts one of the highest qualities of life in the world thanks to progressive and relatively equitable policies.

Canada also stands out on the world stage for its willingness to admit its mistakes and make reparations — with some notable exceptions, of course.

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TL;DR Residents of Roxham, Quebec could receive up to $25,000 each from the federal government to make up for constant police disturbance in response to an influx of asylum-seekers at the popular, off-road border crossing.

The current Liberal federal government is particularly apologetic and eager to please (or placate, depending on your point of view).

But it has been particularly difficult for the Trudeau government to balance its important commitment to aid to asylum-seekers with the tremendous upheaval this aid has brought to towns along the U.S.-Canada border.

One town in Quebec has become famous as a point of crossing for asylum-seekers. Thousands of people have crossed into Canada through Roxham, which borders New York and lies just west of the Blackpool-Champlain border crossing, .

But the contant disturbance of police and RCMP officers have taken a toll on Roxham residents — so much so that the federal government has decided to pay them up to $25,000 in reparations.

According to CTV, residents could receive either $2,000, $10,000, or $25,000 depending on their proximity to the border.

In all, forty-two Roxham residents could receive thousands of dollars from the federal government, explains a Global News reporter.

Some Canadians, however, are not impressed by this scheme.

So the government in all its wisdom are paying hush money to the Roxham Road residents to the tune of $25,000 due to extra traffic! Lots of people are affected by traffic a lot worse then this. #cdnpoli

December 13, 2018

Instead of securing that part of the border to prevent illegal border-jumpers, they've turned it into a welcome center.

Justin thinks throwing a bone to disrupted residents will shut them up.

If I was one of those residents, I'd be even more pissed. 😡

December 13, 2018

This, of course, is not a permanent solution. Asylum-seekers will continue to cross at Roxham.

It will take a major federal intervention to create a better solution for individuals hoping to seek refuge in Canada.

Stay tuned.


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