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The Government Of Canada Is Sending Out A "Mini Census" With New "Personal" Questions And Will Fine You $500 If You Don't Answer Them

In Canada, a national census is conducted every 5 years by Statistics Canada. The next official cencus will be in 2021 and it's currently being carefully planned by Stats Can.

But according to a recent report by the CBC, in order to test new questions, next May and June, Stats Can will be sending out a "pilot" census to a smaller sample of Canadians — 250,000 to be exact. 

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TL;DR Statistics Canada will be sending out a "pilot" census to 250,000 households in May and June of 2019 in order to test some new questions. Statistics Canada is taking the 2019 pilot census seriously. Failing to complete the census or giving misleading information to the government can incur a fine of up to $500.

What is interesting is that Statistics Canada will be including more "personal" questions in the test survey, and it's crucial that Canadians answer them honestly in order to ensure the validity of the test census.

Statistics Canada is taking the 2019 pilotcensus extremely seriously. To the point where officials are making it mandatory for each Canadian household to complete it. In other words, if you're one of the lucky Canadians to get a mini census, and you fail to complete it, you could be punished with a fine of up to $500.

Welcome to Trudeau's Canada! They couldn't get your banking data but they'll fine you for not answering a question. WTF is going on in this country?
Test census set for May-June 2019 to include more personal questions

December 21, 2018

That said, many of the changescoming on the 2021 census affect smaller groups, for example, transgender and non-binary individuals, same-sex couples, ethnic minorities, residents with work or student visas, and Indigenous populations.

Moreover, the new questions will deal with veterans, general health status, religion, and skills related to digital technology. Also, some questions will be updated. For example, the 2016 cesus did not give Canadians the option to answer the "sex" question in a non-binary way. The only two boxes to check off were "male" or "female."

Survey #Methodology, December 2018.

December 20, 2018

In the end, it's not only important to fill out the census, you must fill it out honestly because giving deceptive or misleading information can also compromise the validity of the pilot census. 

More news to come!


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