The Government Of Canada Is Using Strict Regulation To Make Legal Cannabis Edibles Taste Like Dirt

Some say the proposed products will taste like "sand."
The Government Of Canada Is Using Strict Regulation To Make Legal Cannabis Edibles Taste Like Dirt

On October 17, 2018 cannabis was made legal in Canada. Not all products were treated equal though, as dried bud, oil, plants and seeds were legalized while edibles were not. Thankfully, the Government of Canada announced that by October 17, 2019, edibles would be arriving on the legal market.

For many reasons one might use edibles over smoking marijuana — examples include terminal illness, chronic pain, sensitive lungs, or simply a desire for an easier method of consumption, which may be the case for many seniors.

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TL;DR Legal edibles will be available across Canada this year, so the government has gone into consultation to outline regulations. The proposed laws so far would ban any product that would be appealing to youth. The dosage would also be extremely low, leading to no real benefit for those with chronic illness. The regulations set by Health Canada are already being called a disaster. More details below.

Recently, Health Canada has been in consultation on the proposed rules surrounding edibles. With the new information surfacing, we can say one thing for sure: legal cannabis edibles in Canada are going to be horrible.

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In case you didn't know, legal edibles in Canada won't be similar to how things run in Colorado or Washington, where you can actually buy snacks and bakery items containing cannabis. The government has made it clear that the products must not be appealing to youth in any way.

That means no colours or exciting flavours, and desserts and should not encourage over-consumption, meaning products that can be refrigerated will not be made legal. In short, the edibles that will be legal in Canada will be bland or flavourless, and possibly won't be offered in snacks such as cookies, brownies, chocolate, etc.

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Health Canada has further proposed a regulation that would put a 10 milligram THC limit on a single serving, which would also need to be individually wrapped, according to Global News. To put that into perspective, cancer patients often use up to 650 milligrams per dose.

With the regulations making higher-dose products illegal, and any substitute being ridiculously expensive, the whole plan to bring a new cannabis products to the market is setting up to be a disaster.

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Companies that already sell cannabis in the country agree that there's no doubt the black market would still dominate cannabis sales in Canada if the regulations are finalized without any changes. Because, let's face it, who would want to buy a small square that tastes like sand, is sold at inflated prices and only has a minimal dosage of THC?

Considering these products are often marketing to those with chronic pain, stress, nauseau, or terminal illness, Health Canada's legal edibles will be of no benefit. Stay tuned as more information is released.


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