The Government Of Canada Released A Report Showing Exactly Which Canadians Make The Most Money

You might be surprised.
The Government Of Canada Released A Report Showing Exactly Which Canadians Make The Most Money

An official report was just released by Statistics Canada revealing the median income from wages, salaries, and commissions of Canadians who filed a T1 Income Tax and Benefit Return in Canada in 2017. The median income for Canadians regardless of age, location, gender, etc is $36,980. 

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TL;DR  Based on 2017's T1 Income Tax and Benefit Return, Statistics Canada just released an official report revealing the median income for all Canadians as $36,980.  

That number might not be as high as you expected, but considering it's a little higher than the median income reported in 2015 ($36,740) and 2016 ($36,630), things are looking up for Canadians.

That said, according to the StatsCan report, where you live in Canada seems to directly correlate to median income.

The provinces that reported the highest median incomes are: Northwest Territories ($51,680), Yukon ($46,220), and Alberta ($44,470).

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This is not surprising considering that wages by industry were highest for "utilities" industries ($97,130) and "mining, quarrying and oil and gas extraction" industries ($94,050), which are predominant in those parts of the country.

Another unsurprising insight is the stark gender gap in wages. 

As you can imagine, the median income is higher for men ($43,690) than for women ($31,340), especially in the 35 to 44 and 45 to 54 age groups.  

StatsCan quotes previous research to explain the gender disparity, saying that "women are more likely to work part time, have more frequent career interruptions and for a longer total length, and be underrepresented in leadership positions in the private sector."

Finally, if you're looking to make a higher salary in Canada, it's best to avoid these provinces that StatsCan shows as having the lowest median income reported: $28,870 for Prince Edward Island, $31,430 for New Brunswick, $32,110 for Nova Scotia, and $30,690 for Nunavut.

For the full report, click here.

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