The Government Of Canada Wants To Pardon Those Who Have Been Sent To Jail For Marijuana

As the date draws near, everyone is anticipating the legalization of marijuana in Canada. Some individuals are weary of this new "freedom", while others are weary of all the restrictions- across the border, in Quebec and in general how this will affect Canada as a whole. 

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TL;DR There's a new bill that the NDP leader, Jagmeet Singh wants to implement. This bill would pardon and wipe the criminal record clean of individuals who have been charged with non-violent weed crimes. The government says they will consider this after marijuana has been legalized.

For the most part, we've heard about restrictions and punishments the government will implement against those who smoke/carry weed beyond the regulations. Recently however, there is some good news. 

Jagmeet Singh, the new Democrat Leader is trying to convince the government to completely wipe clean the criminal records of Canadians who have been convicted of nonviolent crimes related to weed. 

This bill that they are drafting is called "weed amnesty" and would pardon those who say have been charged because of "weed possession". 

The reason for this course of action is because there is an overrepresentation of black and Indigenous Canadians who have been convicted/charged for weed crimes. 

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What does the government think of this new bill? Apparently nothing has been done just yet, however, the new resolve will be considered by the government after marijuana has been legalized. 

Only time will tell how soon this bill goes into effect. 


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