The Government Of Canada Will Be Sending Emergency Alerts To Your Phone Next Month

You've more than likely received one of Canada's emergency alert notifications in the past. Whether it was for an Amber Alert or a test of the system, it's hard to forget the pop-up on your phone screen followed by the notification tone.

Well, these emergency systems are definitely not a thing of the past, as it was recently announced that another test will be performed across the country next month. 

Not only will the alert be seen and heard on your mobile device, but it will also be broadcast on all compatible TVs and radios, according to the Alert Ready Emergency Alert System.

Such phone alerts are controversial among Canadians. Just last month dozens of people called 911 to complain about an Amber Alert they received on their phone after a child abduction. That child was later found dead.

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TL;DR An emergency alert system test will take place across Canada on May 8, 2019. The alert may not be compatible on devices not on an LTE network, but will be broadcast as both a screen pop-up and sound notification on most mobile devices, TVs, and radios. Alert test times vary by province.

The operator of the Canada-wide system has announced that the test will take place in all provinces and territories on May 8, 2019.

Certain wireless carriers have already notified customers via SMS that an alert is coming. Alert Ready warns that not all mobile devices can receive the notification.

Phones that are connected to an LTE network (the majority of cell phones are) are compatible with the system and will receive the alert sometime during the day.

You can check your phone's compatibility here.

Since the next test of the emergency alert system has been announced over a month in advance, it really shouldn't shock Canadians when it arrives.

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In case you were wondering what time to expect the test to take place in your province, below are the Alert Ready scheduled test times:

  • British Columbia: 1:55 PM PDT 
  • Yukon: 1:55 PM PDT
  • Alberta: 1:55 PM MDT
  • Northwest Territories: 1:55 PM MDT 
  • Saskatchewan: 1:55 PM CDT 
  • Manitoba: 1:55 PM CDT 
  • Ontario: 2:55 PM EDT
  • Quebec: 1:55 PM EDT
  • Nunavut: 1:55 PM EDT
  • New Brunswick: 1:55 PM ADT 
  • Nova Scotia: 1:55 PM ADT 
  • PEI: 1:55 PM ADT 
  • Newfoundland & Labrador: 1:55 PM NDT

Stay tuned for any updates on the upcoming test of Canada's emergency alert system.

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