The Government Of Canada Will Be Sending Emergency Alerts To Your Phone This Week

Some wireless devices may not be compatible with the emergency alert system.

Alert Ready Canada will soon be testing their emergency alert system across Canada, to most electronic devices.

The Newswire Press Release notes that the public test messages will be broadcast to Canadian's television, radios and wireless devices, like cellphones.

Some people may have already received a notice that this test is coming, but if you didn't I'm here to warn you: It's coming. Scheduled times listed below.

Though even if it were scheduled in the middle of the night, we should still be grateful that we live in a time when such an easy solution exists for issues like evacuations or Amber Alerts.

While people have spoken out in the past about being woken up from an Amber Alert late in the night, I think most people's common sense tells them an inconvenient alert is nothing compared to lives being saved.

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And before you start saying, "Why would we ever need a notice for evacuations in Canada," speak to the thousands of people in Quebec, New Brunswick and Ontario (and elsewhere) that were forced to evacuate their homes over the last couple weeks due to flooding. 

For now, the Alert Message test is scheduled for May 8th, 2019, but Newswire is careful to remind people that some wireless devices may not be compatible with the emergency alert system.

These are the scheduled Alert Ready Test Times:

Alberta - 1:55 PM

British Columbia - 1:55 PM

Manitoba - 1:55 PM

New Brunswick - 10:55 AM

Newfoundland - 10:55 AM / 10:25 AM in Labrador

Northwest Territories - 1:55 PM

Nova Scotia - 1:55 PM

Nunavut - 1:55 PM

Ontario - No test due to flooding

Prince Edward Island - 12:55 PM

Quebec - No test due to flooding

Saskatchewan - 1:55 PM

Yukon - 1:55 PM

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If you don't get an alert on May 8th, it may be your device. Also, note that Quebec and Ontario won't be receiving a test message this time around because so many people are currently in a state of evacuation.

I can only assume that they've chosen not to do a test alert for fear of giving people more stress or making them think there's more flooding on the way.