The Government Of Canada Will Be Spying On Your Social Media Accounts To Track Your Marijuana Use

In light of cannabis legalization coming to Canada in only a few weeks, the federal government has being doing everything they can to bring awareness about the substance itself, future locations of purchase, and, of course, the risks.

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TL;DR  Upon legalization of marijuana in Canada next month, the federal government will be keeping a close eye on the social media accounts of Canadians. Information such as your age, location, where you use cannabis, and any criminal activties will be recorded.

For the most part, everything has been going pretty smoothly. Most cities across Canada are content with legalization.

All that's left is to count down the days and before we know it you'll be able to purchase marijuana without any consequences, right?

Well, you may want to be careful what you're sharing online after legalization is official on October 17.

The Canadian federal government will being spying on people's social media accounts to find out more information on users in this new era of cannabis use.

The government will be looking for information such as how often you use the substance, where your favourite places are to light up, and whether you're a regular user or just an occasional partaker.

They'll also be keeping an eye out for any criminal activites, which would be easy to predict once the government starts tracking Canadians' social media.

Canada's federal government can go as far as to keep a log of your age, sex, and exact location.

Just keep in mind next time you upload something to the internet, the government is probably looking at it.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the platforms that will be targeted in the upcoming weeks.

Your best bet is to still enjoy the legalization of marijuana, but don't share your new adventures online.

Hopefully the next few weeks still go as smoothly as we're all hoping. Although you may not want to share the same excitement with social media.