The Grand Prix Of Cycling Is Coming To Montreal

The best cyclists in the world will be in town.
The Grand Prix Of Cycling Is Coming To Montreal

This year marks the 6th edition of the UCI World Tour's Bicycle Grand Prix in Montreal. Seeing as how Montreal is one of the most bike friendly places in the world, it's fitting for our city to host this kind of event. Cycling had been growing exponentially in popularity here. In fact in the plateau, the front gates are either covered in bicycles or tiny "No bikes allowed" pictures. So either way you have bikes on your gate.

The race takes place on Sunday, September 13th on Park Avenue, North of the Georges-Étienne Cartier Monument. The teams will be presented at 10:00 am and the race begins at 11:00 am.

The event is FREE to attend for all spectators.

For more information about the Bicycle Grand Prix check out their website.

Quebec Police Listed The Regions With The Most Deadly Road Accidents In 2021

The SQ released data on road accidents in its jurisdiction.

The Sûreté du Québec (SQ) released Quebec road accident stats for 2021, showing a 6.06% increase in fatal collisions compared to 2020, when lockdowns and travel restrictions forced many people off the roads.

According to Thursday's statement by the SQ, the Quebec police force responded to 245 deadly car accidents in 2021. In those 245 accidents, 262 people were declared dead, a 4.8% increase from 2020.

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The team behind the ever-popular newHaūs nightclub is preparing for the grand opening of an all-new pop-up rooftop terrasse in the Plateau. Located on the roof of the old Tokyo Bar, Terrasse newHaūs will aim to "bring the newHaūs spirit outdoors," according to organizers.

Terrasse newHaūs shared some photos of the new space with MTL Blog ahead of its grand opening on Saint-Jean-Baptiste.

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We've said it before and we'll say it again, beach season has arrived in Quebec. Of course, that also applies to Beachclub — a popular open-air club with a swimming pool about an hour from Montreal — which just announced the details of its "Grand Opening Pool Party" for the 2021 season.

"After more than a year without an event at the Beachclub, it's finally time to announce the come back of our famous POOL PARTY on our little island this summer!" reads a Beachclub Instagram post.

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True ice cream fans know that more is always better! Le Grand Verglas (The Great Ice Storm), a creamery on Montreal's South Shore, lives by the same motto with its famous four-level cones. How could you not add crushing one of these delicious behemoths to your summer bucket list? 

The "frozen bistro" in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu specializes in cold desserts from gelato to milkshakes and bubble tea — but if you want to go big or go home, order the "Grand Verglas." 

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