The Grilled Cheese Eggs Benedict Is The Ultimate Morning Comfort Food

Mornings have just become more magical. No one needs to be reminded how comforting a classic grilled cheese can be, though the iconic brunch-star that is Eggs Benedict is too often overlooked as "comfort food." Eggs benny is the most satisfying of morning eats, but when combined with a grilled cheese, breakfast-comfort levels go through the roof.

The Grilled Cheese Eggs Benedict byI Am Food Blog is a breakfast innovation we wish we thought of, because its deliciously simple, yet oh-so-enticing. Making your own isn't really too hard, there's just the extra step of "grilling" your eggs benny in a pan, with some cheese in the mix, obviously.

Key to the grilling process is making sure the inside half of your English muffin (the part with all the little holes) is hitting the pan. Other than that, you can put whatever you like in your Grilled Cheese Eggs Benedict, just make sure cheese (obvi), a poached egg, and hollandaise sauce are all included. The featured recipe included prosciutto, but you can easily vegetarian-ize this dish.

Check out the full recipe for theGrilled Cheese Eggs Benedict here. Feast your eyes in through photos (and .gif) below in the meantime.

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