The "Grilled Cheese Pizza" Is The Epic Meal You Need To Eat

A slice of cheesy heaven.
The "Grilled Cheese Pizza" Is The Epic Meal You Need To Eat

Pizza is one of the world's most famous dishes, and the one thing pizza creators have always tried to do is to find ways to add more cheese.

First there was regular cheese, then there were multiple cheese varieties, then they invented extra cheese, then they sprinkled cheese on the crust.

When that wasn't enough they stuffed the edge of the crust with cheese, and yet that still wasn't enough so they decided added a second crust with a second layer of cheese underneath the pizza itself.

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That last method should have ended it all, but there was a problem: You had more cheese, but you also had more crust, which means the flavors cancel each other out.

There has to be a better solution.

Luckily Josh Elkin, the man who brought us the Poutine Tornado has invented a brand new way to add more cheese your pizza. One that doesn't require any extra crust.

This is the Grilled Cheese Pizza.

And unlike those fake "grilled cheese" pizza circulating around the inter-webs, this one is the only legit one.

Normal grilled cheese pizzas are actually just cheese stuffed crusts like the ones we mentioned earlier, but not this one.

This is a legit grilled cheese sandwich with a pizza on top of it, and if you can't tell the difference, then you better ask somebody.

Josh was kind enough to provide a recipe for this most glorious of dishes, so if you're crazy enough to try it yourself, check out his original Facebook post here.

And be sure to check out Josh's show on the Cooking Channel called Sugar Showdown.

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