The High-Paying Montreal Job You Can Get Hired For Even If You Don't Have A University Degree

Anyone can do it and you can make millions.
The High-Paying Montreal Job You Can Get Hired For Even If You Don't Have A University Degree

I'm sure you've realized that there are a LOT of real estate agents in Montreal. I like to joke and say that whenever I meet someone new, they're either a DJ or a real estate agent. But hey, this craze for real estate totally makes sense. It is a great job to have with unlimited growth potential. But, of course, you have to be up for a challenge. Here's why it's such a common career choice for so many Montrealers.

Working with people

If you enjoy interacting with people, this career choice is definitely for you. Building solid relationships with your customers is crucial for any real estate agent. Are you good at being friendly and making people like you? If you're a natural charmer, then this job will seem like a dream.

Relatively easy to get started

First, you need to complete a Real Estate Education Program that costs around $4,000.

"The Real Estate Broker Program consists of 360 hours of courses and leads to a diploma issued by the Collège de l'Immobilier. Students can complete the Residential Real Estate Brokerage Program on campus, through distance learning (in French only) or through virtual classes, in either English or French."

In other words, it's relatively easier than "traditional" University degrees. You're then required to obtain your real estate license. Once this step is done - you can get more licenses to broaden your spectrum of services. The real hustle begins now!

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High income potential

The beauty about this industry is that you can literally make millions. You work for yourself and set your own goals. The harder you hustle, the more money you can potentially make. It's all up to you. Sky is the limit.


It's safe to assume that there's always demand for property regardless of market conditions. Also, you'll never have to worry about "getting fired." If you're good at building customer relationships, you will succeed in this business in any market conditions.

You become a business

Being your own boss is rewarding. Not to mention that there are tons of taxable benefits that can be marked off as business expenses. As an independent contractor, you are your own bread and butter.

Flexible schedule

Since you're your own boss, you can make your own schedule. This comes in handy if you're not a fan of early mornings and vacations planned months in advance. You make the rules!

Other opportunities

Real estate agent does not have to stop at being an agent. You can dive into real estate appraisal, construction, real estate management, etc. There are so many possibilities that open up once you're in the business. You will never feel like you've reached your ceiling and can't jump any higher.