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The Highest Paying Jobs In Canada You Can Get Without A University Degree

Opportunities you should consider.
The Highest Paying Jobs In Canada You Can Get Without A University Degree

Ever since you were a kid, people probably told you to go to school, and work hard so you can get a good job later on in life.

But the thing is that going to school doesn't guarantee you'll get a job, and you can actually make over $100,000 a year without a having university degree, and without having to sell drugs.

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Don't believe me?

According to Indeed stats from the last 12 months in Canada, there are a lot of high paying jobs that require technical training but no university degree and the demand is only getting greater. Here are top 10 best paying ones:


Average Salary: $144,956

1,100 jobs available

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Real Estate Agent

Average Salary: $107,843

435 jobs available

Maintenance Manager

Average Salary: $83,184

367 jobs available

Care Sales Executive

Average Salary: $79,994

627 jobs available


Average Salary: $75,396

116 jobs available

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App Developer

Average Salary: $66,058

1,117 jobs available

Construction Inspector 

Average Salary: $64,675

100 jobs available

Sales Executive 

Average Salary: $63,017

623 jobs available


Average Salary: $62,339

1,290 jobs available

Web Developer

Average Salary: $61,822

1,253 jobs available


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