The Highest Paying Jobs In Canada

So many options you can choose from.
The Highest Paying Jobs In Canada

When you're looking for a job, it's important to find something you love.

They say that if you do what you love you'll never work a day in you life.

And that may be true, but most people don't get to do what they love, and instead they pursue their other passion: money.

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Because if you can't find a job that makes you happy, you might as well find a job that makes you money.

1. Physician

  • Average Starting Salary: $212,270
  • Job Openings: 7984

It's Official, Quebec Has Been Named The #1 Best Job Market In Canada

Businesses are having a hard time finding workers.

Here's good news for anyone who's been looking for a job. Quebec has officially been named the hottest job market in Canada. 

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Ever since you were a kid, people probably told you to go to school, and work hard so you can get a good job later on in life.

But the thing is that going to school doesn't guarantee you'll get a job, and you can actually make over $100,000 a year without a having university degree, and without having to sell drugs.

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Summer jobs can be pretty hard to find if you don’t start looking early. There are a lot of students in this city and they all need money to go out at night so the competition is pretty fierce.

The most important part of a summer job (other than the money) is that it should be an easy job where you won’t have to take your work home with you, and you won't feel completely drained at the end of the day.

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5 Jobs For Creative People in Montreal

How to fund your dream, not kill it!

Photo cred - Vesia Photography

If by now, you still haven't figured out how to afford both your rent and your paint brushes and need to be ready for your opening next month, it might be time to squeeze a 9 to 5 into your schedule. As a creative, all the time spent doing every day work will always be of better use building something nobody understands, but apparently bears a lot of your personal agony, because, well, you're an artist, right!

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