The Highest Paying Jobs You Can Get With An MBA in Canada

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The Highest Paying Jobs You Can Get With An MBA in Canada

Ever wondered which jobs can have you living the high life without leaving Montreal? CEOs here earn the Canadian average of around $145,000 per year, proving you don't have to give up poutine to make bank. Whether your thing is advertising, big business, gaming or massive winter festivals, there's a lot of different ways to make a name for yourself right here in the city.

And it’s not just heads of the company who can earn big bucks via business school - MBA graduates in tech aren’t far behind, with finance managers earning a pretty tasty sum of around $123,000 per year. Marketing jobs are next on the list of high-earning career paths, with MBA-holding marketing managers taking home a yearly average of $100,000. Not bad, right?

With that in mind, it’s no wonder so many entrepreneurial types act like an MBA is a golden ticket to success and luxurious living. But if you’ve spent more time daydreaming about your future riches than thinking about how to actually get there, no worries - the QS World MBA Tour Montreal is just around the corner.

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Join other MBA hopefuls on Feb 6 and pick the brains of top business school representatives and admissions directors to find out what it takes to nab yourself an MBA. You’ll get the chance to feel out which school and program can bring out the best in you, as well as getting some networking in with alumni from top schools and fellow prospective MBA candidates. If you’ve been thinking of business school as your next step forward, this is an unmissable opportunity to figure out what’s what and get ahead of the competition.

It can seem like there’s a whole lot of hoop-jumping involved when applying for business school but the QS World MBA Tour Montreal makes understanding the process a total cakewalk, giving you answers to everything you never even thought to ask. Get help with understanding standardized testing requirements and take advantage of the QS LEAP platform, a forum to help you prep for the GMAT and other seemingly terrifying exams.

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Everyone knows that an MBA can be a valuable investment in your future, and the QS World MBA Tour Montreal is here to make sure you get the best return possible - they’ve even got a pool of MBA scholarships exclusively available to attendees, worth a whopping $1.7M. If you’re sure that an MBA is for you but aren’t sure how you should be focusing your studies, take the opportunity to bend the ears of industry professionals and get some high-quality professional advice about your future career.

Whether you’re just starting to think about business school or ready to go full Mad Men, this one-stop-shop for MBA resources is a stellar chance to get all the info you need. 

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