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The Highest Rated June 2018 Releases On Netflix Canada

Rotten Tomato stamp of approval.
The Highest Rated June 2018 Releases On Netflix Canada

This uncomfortable feeling often bubbles up when clicking on Netflix at the end of a long day. Sifting through the overwhelming selection of TV shows and movies, it's easy to frustratingly claim to your girlfriend, boyfriend, or house pet  - "there's nothing good on Netflix anymore".  

Like a closet filled to the brim with beautiful clothes but with "nothing to wear", that's the problem with having too many options. It's paralyzing. 

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That being said, "Best of" lists are a solution to our modern-day problem of having way too much choice. Love 'em or hate 'em, list articles have ultimately been created to help people; by curating and narrowing down their options to a comfortable easy to manage 10 point list.  Ah, that's better - right? Glad to help.

10. Sense and sensibility 

RT score: 98%


Why you should watch it: Released in 1995, this "riches to rags story", this classic film follows two sisters who've recently lost their mother and are now learning to cope with their newfound wealth - or lack of it.

9. About a boy

RT score: 93%


Why you should watch it: This early 2000s classic was truly Hugh Grants time to shine. In this film, he plays an adult man-child who learns how to grow up with the help of a young boy.

8. Lock, Stock, And Two Smoking Barrels

RT score: 77%


Why you should watch it: In this late 90s action/gangster movie classic, a botched card game in London triggers four friends, thugs, weed-growers, hard gangsters, loan sharks and debt collectors to collide with each other in a series of unexpected events, all for the sake of weed, cash, and two antique shotguns.

7. Notting Hill

RT score: 83%


Why you should watch it: Another Hugh Grant film! I told you he was everywhere in the late 90s/early 2000s. In this timeless romantic comedy, two people from very different worlds get stepped on their feet.

6. Panic Room

RT score: 75%

Via imdb

Why you should watch it: A newly divorced Jodie Foster kicks some serious bugler butt in this early 2000s action "girl power" film.

5. Lady Bird

RT score: 99%

Via imdb

Why you should watch it: This coming-of-age tale was nominated for 5 Oscars this year, including best picture. It's a story about a young 17-year-old girl navigating the awkward years of pre-adulthood and the developing relationships around her.

4. GLOW (Season 2)

RT score: 95%

Via imdb

Why you should watch it: Watch this if only for the amazing outfits. Set in the 1980s in LA, this TV series follows an unemployed actress who hopes to find stardom by portraying a female wrestler.

3. Nick And Norah's Infinite Playlist 

RT score: 75%


Why you should watch it: If you find Micheal Cera's squirm-inducing, awkward-yet-somehow-cute, charm - then you will love this modern boy meets girl story.

2. Nailed It

RT score: 100%


Why you should watch it: In this Netflix Original reality show, a series of contestants with a terrible track record take a crack at recreating edible masterpieces for a $10,000 prize. It's part reality contest, part hot mess.

1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

RT score: 91%


Why you should watch it: With the guidance of Luke Skywalker, Rey develops her newly discovered abilities who is unsettled by the strength of her powers. Meanwhile, the Resistance prepares for battle with the First Order.

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