The Hottest Outfits You Need To Wear At Osheaga This Weekend

You'll be turning some heads.
The Hottest Outfits You Need To Wear At Osheaga This Weekend

Osheaga happens to be this weekend and I'm sure that like the most of us, including me, that you have left your outfit for the last minute. Well, don't stress! This article will show you the hottest looks you can recreate for osheaga this weekend. Not only are these looks totally sexy and amazing, but most of you might already have some of these pieces in your closest.

Since this list is composed of several looks, I suggest choosing 3 of them for each day you are going to Osheaga. These looks are just suggestions but I recommend putting your own unique twist on them. Not only can you dress to impress but you can also add as many accessories as you want! A majority of thees looks are based on up tp date trending accessories.

Outdoor music festivals are honestly some of the best times of your life but it can easily be very uncomfortable.These looks aren't only hot AF but they are also comfortable. You are going to be in the sun all day so you don't want to be hotter than your outfit and sweat like a maniac. Now it's time to get your friends together and plan your outfits for the perfect instas and for the ultimate best time at Osheaga this weekend.

1. Look Smoking In Bold Patterned Shorts And A Strappy Tank

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You can't go wrong with some cute patterned shorts and a sick tank top! Bold Patterned shorts are usually flowy and are therefore very comfortable! It's very easy to pair these shorts with a cute tank top! I suggest getting a funky strappy tank top to top it all off. This is probably the most comfortable outfit you can go with this weekend.

2. Look Smoking In A Jean Skirt And Crop Top

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Bring back that super 80's look with an awesome jean skirt that goes with just about any shirt! I recommend pairing your jean skirt with a cute flowery crop top and a fun up do! The jean skirt is great for standing up all day and you can keep cool in it but, it is annoying to sit down.

3. Look Smoking In Your Overalls

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You can honestly look hot AF in your cute ass overalls for Osheaga this weekend. Overalls look super good with a crop top or bralette underneath so that you can keep fresh outside all day. Overalls are honestly making a huge come back so be apart of the trend!

4. Look Smoking In A Simple But Sweet Romper (one piece)

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Rompers have actually become my new obsession this summer! They are absolutely gorgeous and SO comfortable which makes for the perfect Osheaga outfit. Not only can you dress a romper up, but you can also dress it down. I suggest getting a nice flowy one with a cool pattern!

5. Look Smoking In Your Sick Chokers

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The perfect accessory for Osheaga this summer happens to be the infamous chokers that are taking over our nation. Perosnally, I love them... I mean I'm even wearing one right now. Chokers are a great way to compliment any and every of your Osheaga outfits for this weekend.

6. Look Smoking In Your Bikini Top And A Skirt Or Shorts

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If you are comfortable and confident, then rock that bikini top with some cute shorts or even a skirt! Many girls have super awesome bikini tops that they want to wear more often. Well, why not wear them to Osheaga! It's comfortable and super cute!

7. Look Smoking In Your Flowy Dresses And Skirts

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If you are looking for total comfort this weekend at Osheaga (might be that time of the month), don't worry! You can still look super smoking in a flowy dress or skirt! I suggest purchasing a flowy indie patterned skirt with a killer crop top!

8. Look Smoking In Your Boxer Braids

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Who doesn't love boxer braids? They are sexy and comfortable which is the perfect combination for your Osheaga weekend. You can literally have boxer braids and pull of any outfit!

9. Look Smoking In Your Flower Headbands And Indie Shirts With Loose Shorts

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Get that hippie feel with your cute flower headbands, indie shirts, and the cutest flowy shorts! This is a great look that anyone can pull off this weekend at Osheaga.

10. Look Smoking In All Black And Show Off Your Tattoos

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It may be summer but you can still wear all black and pull it off at Osheaga! I suggest wearing all black summer pieces like crop tops and shorts! All black always looks good but it's also a great way to show off all your tattoos!

11. Look Smoking In Your Temporary Gold And Silver Tattoos

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Hey, if you still haven't gotten your first tattoo yet, don't stress! You can purchase temporary tattoos and live the tattoo experience for a day. The gold and silver tattoos are super trending and are great to complete and outfit.

12. Look Smoking In A Bralette And High Waisted Jean Shorts

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YAS! Bralettes are honestly the best invention! They are so comfy and you can even wear them with some high waisted shorts and head on down to Osheaga. This is very a la mode and common, it's so nice!

13. Look Smoking In Your Body Jewelry

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Don't feel the need to only put jewelry on your wrists and necks, go crazy and by some body jewelry! Body jewelry is very trendy and it's absolutely stunning! you can wear it over or under your clothes for that perfect Osheaga look.

14. Look Smoking In Your Leather Jacket, Booties, And Hats

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If it happens to be a little chilly this weekend at Osheaga, you can still look hot AF! I suggest grabbing your leather jacket and pairing it with some booties and a sweet hat! You will still look stylish and super warm!

15. Look Smoking In Your Knit Crop Top And Shorts

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I love me a goo knit crop top in the summer time! Knit crop tops are great with some cute shorts or even a skirt! They are very comfortable and it's basically a bra so you don't need to worry about wearing one!

16. Look Smoking In Your Flower Power Jumpsuit

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FLOWER POWER! Look cute and hot AF in your sexy jumpsuit! This is a great look that you can pull off at Osheaga this weekend. Jumpsuits are very comfortable and are perfect for sitting outside all day.

17. Look Smoking In Your Big Sunglasses, Messy Hair, And Flowy Dress

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You have to remember your sunglasses when you go to Osheaga this weekend! Sunglasses can honestly make an outfit and personally I think that big circle sunglasses are perfect for Osheaga. I would pair your big sunglasses with just about anything! They look great with messy hair and a cute simple dress.

18. Look Smoking In A simply Crop Top And Shorts With Accessories

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If you don't want to be complicated with your outfit then don't worry. You can still look super hot at Osheaga in a simple crop top and jean shorts. You can easily pair this with a choker and docs for that perfect simple look this weekend.

19. Look Smoking In Your Face Jewels And Gems

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Don't forget those stunning facial jewels and gems! This is great to decorate any look. You can easily wear them with any look to dress it up a bit or to complete that perfect look for Osheaga this weekend.

20. Look Smoking In Your Docs And Graphic Rock T's

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Be simple but hot and rockin in some docs and a rock t-shirt that you cut up yourself. This look is perfect for basically anyone and it goes great with the Osheaga vibe and ambiance.

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