The Iconic Valentine's Day "Sweethearts" Candies Won't Be Sold This Year In Canada

The special day just won't feel the same.
The Iconic Valentine's Day "Sweethearts" Candies Won't Be Sold This Year In Canada

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, meaning if you have a special someone in your life, you're probably preparing to do some shopping for the day of admiration. You might get some flowers, chocolate, or maybe even some jewelry. But, if you were planning to follow tradition and grab those infamous "Sweethearts" candies, you're totally out of luck this year.

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TL;DR Popular Sweethearts candies won't be on shelves anywhere across Canada this year after the original company that produces them filed for bankruptcy protection. The new company in charge of selling the sweets are unsure of an official date the candy will return to stores. More details below.

Yes, the tiny, chalky little treat with a cheesy engraved message on each piece won't be around this year in time for the big day. The reason being that The New England Confectionary Co. — the company that has created these treats for over 100 years — filed for bankruptcy protection last year.

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Don't worry, this doesn't mean the candies are gone forever. Another company called Sprangler Candy Co. just bought out the original "candy hearts" maker, but they haven't had enough time to prepare for the Valentine's Day season, according to CTV

The CEO of the company announced that they want to ensure the candies stay true to their original style and taste before they are reintroduced, but there was no official date for their return to the shelves.

Luckily, if you really need to get some tiny "candy hearts" in time for Valentine's Day, other companies are still producing similar treats, although they're nowhere near as popular as the Sweethearts we grew up on.

Does this mean Valentine's Day is officially ruined? What other candies won't be on store shelves this year? Stay tuned for more information.


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