When it comes to getting ready for an EDM festival of any type, we consider ourselves experts. We have representatives that have been to raves and music festivals all over the world. All the shows we have ever been to have been a blast but the only thing that is to be considered when going to any event is its atmosphere. By that we mean how to dress, how to act, what to drink, where to party before and after, and all in all the actions that need to be taken to have the best fucking time possible. That being said; here is what you need to know to master IglooFest and all its incredible aspects.

What to Wear

  • Tacky snow gear: crazy hats, neon gloves, retro one-piece.
  • Look into thrift stores to find outdated funky attire.
  • Don’t show up in a deep V with dress shoes.
  • Goggles, glasses or any raving eye wear

Flasks and Forties

  • Drink the damn thing before you get in line - empty flasks are allowed.
  • If you can’t finish your booze, share it with friends. Sharing is caring.
  • Don’t be cocky and crotch it, they will find it.
  • The bouncers are not there to bust your balls, be honest with them they know your drunk.

Tips for the line

  • Buy your tickets in advance.
  • Buy your pack of cigarettes BEFORE you get in line.
  • Guys: find a bombshell, stay close for warmth.
  • Girls: let guys get close, they will most likely give you booze or a cigarette.
  • Strike a conversation with your neighbors, it’s Montreal, we’re somewhat friendly.

Staying warm

  • Visit the virgin dome to heat up.
  • Rave like a lunatic.
  • Girls you can always use a guys pants for warmth…
  • Guys, girls tend to have hot boobs, cool them down with your cold hands.
  • Keep distance from bon fires, your clothes will burn. BUT they do have marshmallows
  • Liquid Cocaine is your shot of choice. Drink MANY of them.
  • Find a sexy man or woman, if you’re nice you can warm each other up.

What not to do

  • Don’t piss in public (a circle of friends hiding you will not help). There are plenty of bathrooms.
  • Don’t rush to the front. If you do people will hate you.You will fall. It won’t be fun.
  • No shoving fests, this is not metal music nor a metal crowd. You will be hit in the face; we hope.
  • Do not throw up on the crowd; we hate that and it smells. Get your friend’s hat and puke in that.

DJs to see




After party hot spots

Thursday, January 17th

Friday, January 18

Saturday, January 19

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