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The Igloofest 2015 Style Guide

Look hot while staying warm.
The Igloofest 2015 Style Guide

Photo cred - Bianca Desjardins

Each and every night you go out, regardless of your gender, this thought crosses your mind: "what am I going to wear?" Igloofest 2015 should be no different.

Many of you are probably just thinking of dressing warmly, and not giving a care about a swag-tastic outfit. What you don't realize, then, is that you can do both, that is look awesome and keep warm. You just need to know how, and that's where we're going to help.

Taking a look at outfits from Igloofests of yesteryear, and given today's current trends, we've compiled a list of looks you can easily rock at Igloofest 2015. And you're going to want to look good, because rocking the best snowsuit-look can get you a all-expenses-paid trip, as part of the "Sapporo Iglooswag" contest. So read on and gear up.

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The Classic Snowsuit

Why even mess with perfection? Functional and fashionable (in an Igloofest context) the classic full-body snowsuit is a guaranteed winner. You'll be kept warm, you'll be able to dance (albeit a little stiffly), and you'll be wearing the iconic Igloofest outfit. To stand out a bit, we'd recommend a snowsuit with vibrant colours, or just jazz yours up with a zany hat, a crazy prop (feathered boas go a long way) or bejazzle the damn thing.

The 80's Workout-Rockstar Look

In our hearts, the 80's never ended, at least at Igloofest. Strangely coloured snowsuits are basically the winter counterpart to the iconic 80's neon workout outfit, minus all the spandex. Representing a single aspect of the 80's would be a crime to the decade, so be sure to don a giant glam-rock wig to fully round out the outfit. You're essentially going for Jem (of Jem and the Holograms) but in a snowsuit.

The Weird Onesie

Everyone who owns a onesie (and if you don't, damn are you missing out on some serious comfort) dreams of the day when they can wear their most cozy piece of clothing in public. Igloofest is that day. Wearing a onesie will simultaneously make sure you're fully covered in Snuggy-level warmth and make everyone jelous because they know that you get to chill in that magnificent piece of clothing at home. The zanier the better when it comes to wearing a onesie at Igloofest, so don't feel nervous about rocking your Little Mermaid pajama-jumpsuit in the slightest.

The "Lumbersexual"

Out of nowhere, at the close of 2014, the term "Lumbersexual" came to be. Don't ask how, blame it on the insanity of the internet, and the alcohol. Anyways, for those who don't know (and don't know how to spot one) a Lumbersexual is basically someone who cares about their image on a hipster-level, but only wears clothes a Lumberjack would. If that sounds like you, or you would like to explore your inner Lumberjack, then Igloofest is the perfect place. All that flannel is so hot right now, and will keep you fairly warm too.

The "All Igloofest" Outfit

An extension of the "classic snowsuit," this outfit is easy to assemble and will make you look like a veteran Igloofest-er, even if you're not. All you need to do is wear a snowsuit, then wear as much Igloofest swag as you can, or at least this/previous year's hats. Everyone on the metro will know exactly where you're going on Fri/Sat/Sunday night, but who cares, they're just jealous. Any newcomers to Igloofest can get prepped with swag + hats by heading to one of the two Igloofest boutiques by Peel & Mont-Royal metros.

The Group Costume

A little coordination can go a long way when it comes to your Igloofest outfit, and that fact is always true for those looking to tackle the themed group costume. While it'll take a lot of planning, the payoff is well worth it, plus you probably already have a posse of peeps you're heading with to Igloofest anyway. Normally getting all of your friends to organize on a single task is nigh impossible, but thankfully everyone steps up their game for Igloofest, and if all else fails, just keep the group costume simple. Matching scarves can easily make yo look like Hogwarts students if you get the colours right, or just all wear some face-makeup (KISS anyone?) to keep it really easy.

The Skintight Skier

Showing off your hot bod in a borderline slutty outfit and the winter dance party that is Igloofest are not normally paired together, and in all honesty, shouldn't be. There is, however, one acceptable loophole: the skintight ski suit. Hugging every contour of your physical form, the skier look will definitely show off your booty, and the snugness should keep you at a reasonably warm temperature. Skiers wear them rocketing down giant hills in the snow, so you should be relatively fine dancing outside.

The Macklemore

A few years ago, in a simpler time before the dawn of "Thrift Shop," this outfit would have been known as the "hoodrat fur trader," but no more. Macklemore has staked a claim in the realm of cheap fur coats at concerts, and so if you're gonna be rocking one, being compared to Macklemore is your fate. We'd say its worth it, because looking like a P-I-M-P in a huge fur coat is pretty boss feeling, and you'll be comfortably toasty surrounded by all that luxurious "animal" hair. Animal is in quotes because real fur is wrong, of course.

The Ironic Summer Look

Another easy outfit to assemble, the playfully ironic summer look is only a trip to Dollarama away while still making you look fun, hip, and a little sarcastic. Throw on a lei, wear a hula skirt, don some shades and you're set. Instead of the obvious Hawaii outfit additions, feel free to rock a poncho, bathing suit (over your snowsuit), or anything else that would be worn in the summer/a hot locale.

The "Too Cool To Be Cold"

This outfit will take some commitment, but if you're truly into looking good at the sake of your own wellbeing, just wear a coat, jeans, and maybe a hat. While only sporting those items may seem like the worst idea ever, you definitely will get some "damn what a bad bitch the cold doesn't even phase her" looks, which is arguably worth it. Just make sure to dance extra hard to make up for the lack of clothing.

The "What The Actual F*ck?"

If all else fails, just wear something so weird, off-the-wall, and borderline disturbing that you'll have people saying "who the f*ck is that guy? He's crazy. I need to party with him."

Which style will you be rocking at Igloofest 2015?