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The "Indoor Garden" Themed Restaurant You Must Try This Fall

From wall to table.
The "Indoor Garden" Themed Restaurant You Must Try This Fall

There are some insanely unique restaurants here in Montreal and no matter how hard you try you probably could never discover them all. There's constantly a new themed restaurant, unique food, or crazy decor that you just have to visit.  

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If you have yet to discover this super cool indoor garden themed restaurant, you definitely have to check it out this fall. You won't find another place like it in the entire city! 

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Maggie Oakes is a unique restaurant located at 426 Place Jacques-Cartier in Old Montreal! They have a huge herb wall that they actually cut herbs from right in front of your eyes and use to garnish your dishes! 

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They serve super scrumptious dishes like giant steaks, creamy gnocchi, charcuterie plates, huge plates of oysters, yummy lobster rolls and tons of sweet desserts! 

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This is the perfect place to bring your date to impress them, with your best friends to celebrate a friendaversary or with your family on someone's birthday! For any occasion, this restaurant is a super fun and unique place to explore in the city. 

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Check out theirFacebook page for more information. 

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