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The Infamous Canadian Merman Calendar Is Back And It's The Only Thing You Need To See This Week

There were many bizarre trends from last year: extreme contouring, chockers, and, of course, girls dressing up as mermaids. 

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TL;DR If you haven't heard of the "Merb'y," then you should definitely check out these hilarious photos – of men dressed as mermen. The series juxtaposes burly men dressed as seacreatures against the rugged dropback of Newfoundland. The calendar of mermen is not out and all of its proceeds go to charity!

The funniest trend though was hands down the Merb'y – also known as the bearded mermen.

If you need a refresher, these bearded, burly men posed against the gorgeous backdrop of Newfoundland for a charity calendar. What a fantastic juxtaposition! 

Now they're back for a second year! Last year they were such a hit – raising over $300,000 for mental health – it would be silly if they didn't do a 2019 calendar. 

You're probably wondering where the name comes from. "Merb'ys' is derived from "mermaid" and the Newfoundland name for "buddy." 

Proceeds from the new calendar will be going towards Violence Prevention Newfoundland and Labrador. This organization helps to engross men with regards to violence prevention and challenges traditional views of masculinity. 


The latest calendar was launched this past Saturday and features landscapes all over this beautiful province. Photos were shot everywhere from Happy Valley-Goose Bay in Labrador to St. John's. In total, 38 men took part. 

The best part is that these men are not your stereotypical "model" figures – with various sizes, gender identities, and racial backgrounds, they represent all types of men, not just one. 

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For only $25 get your calendar here 


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