The Insane Beach Near Montreal That Looks And Feels Like You’re In Cancun

Are you disappointed that you didn't get to book a vacation to Cancun this summer? Are you EVEN MORE upset that the weather has been SHIT so you haven't even been enjoying summer 2017? WELL, I KNOW I HAVE and I have a simple solution to cure everyone's summertime blues. 

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La plage Lac Saint-Joseph has just underwent some minor changes that completely changed the vibes of the beach! Now, with these cute palm trees and party booths, you can pretend like you are in Cancun while you are actually right here in Quebec!

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Legit 3 hours away from Montreal, you can travel to Cancun with all your friends without spending a dime! Yes, this is a dream staycation that everyone in Montreal NEEDS to take this summer. Several activities are offered such as cycling, boating, floating trampoline, beach volley ball, basketball and more!

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VS. Cancun Beach

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