The Insane Canyon One Hour Away From Montreal That's Totally Worth Roadtripping To This Summer

Quebec is so huge, that you can drive in one direction for 8 hours without ever leaving the province. And yet in less than 2 hour you can reach some pretty amazing places.

And this is definitely one of them.

This is Ausable Chasm in New-York and it will actually take you less time to drive there than driving to Mont-Tremblant.

It's a 2 mile long sandstone gorge with a river that runs through it that features some spectacular rock formations.

The area offers a ton of awesome activities including:

Adventure Trails that take you to secret areas featuring cable bridges, a cargo net climb, and edge walks. They also have special biking trails, day or night tours, rock climbing, ziplines, rappelling, rafting and of course lazy river tubing.

Admission to the area is about $18 per person and adventure packages start at around $30.

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Photo cred - ausablechasm

Check out their website for more info.

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