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The Insane "Mountain Roller Coaster" 1 Hour Away From Montreal That’s Totally Worth A Road Trip To

Most people have tried riding on a roller-coaster at least once their lives.

But have you ever tried riding an alpine coaster?

In case you're not sure what that is, just picture a roller-coaster. Now imagine that coaster is installed on the slope of a mountain instead of being flat on the ground.

Well now, you don't have to imagine it because the Alpine Coaster exists, and it's the only one its kind in all of Quebec.

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Mont Saint-Sauveur created this monster called the Viking. It's a single car that slides down a high speed mountain track, full of sudden drops and crazy curves.

But what makes this cooler than a normal coaster is the fact that you control the speed while you ride!

The sled is equipped with a break so you can choose to go as fast as possible, or you can slow down and take the scenic route.

A normal roller coaster ride only lasts about 45 seconds, but this ride last between 5 and 6 minutes!

But that's not the only ride at Mont-Saint Sauveur. The mountain is also equipped with a giant double Zipline. 2 people get into the Dragon which gets pulled up the mountain, you then get released and gravity takes care of the rest.

There's also mini golf course as well as some smaller rides, plus the Saint-Sauveur Fall Color Festival is now officially underway for those of you who prefer to take it easy.

Check out Mont-Saint Sauveur's Website for more information.

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