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The Insane Peninsula Close To Montreal That's Totally Worth Roadtripping To This Summer

You'll feel like you're in a different world.
The Insane Peninsula Close To Montreal That's Totally Worth Roadtripping To This Summer

At this stage in the game, I think it's super clear that one of my main passions in life is discovering cool, secret places. Like waterfalls, cute towns, and jogging paths, if there's something gorgeous, kind of hidden, and totally close to Montreal, then I am on that.

And today, I discovered yet another gorgeous, hidden Canadian spot that's within roadtripping distance. Honestly, this place does not look like it's right in our backyard. It looks like it's some kind of Caribbean destination, TBH.

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Bruce Peninsula National Park is located in Tobermory, Ontario, which is roughly an eight hour drive from Montreal. And not only is that the perfect length of time for an adorable road trip, but it's also incredibly worth it - especially for the beyond breathtaking views that this spot has in store.

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Of course, majestic views aren't the only thing to experience at the Bruce Peninsula. There are tons of super fun activities to do there; you can kayak, you can explore the rest of the Bruce Peninsula and go hiking (it's the location of Ontario's famous Bruce Trail), or check out the Peninsula's Sauble Beach; you can check out the park's super cool grotto, complete with tunnels, rocks, and good vibes. Honestly, the list of fun activities is endless.

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If Bruce National Park sounds like your next vacation destination (and you know it does), then check out their website for more information.

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