There's A "Coastal Beach" Near Montreal That'll Make You Feel Like You’re In Another Country

You'll feel like you're in a different world.
There's A "Coastal Beach" Near Montreal That'll Make You Feel Like You’re In Another Country

Have you ever wanted to take a sweet road trip out to a secluded  and hidden coastal beach? Well, I know I have and Cutler Coast Public Reserved Land will let us all fulfill those dreams! So, if you aren't going on a big vacation this summer but want to feel like you are in Hawaii, then I suggest driving to these stunning coastal beach near Montreal that looks like the ultimate tropical vacation! 

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Cutler Coast Public Lands​​​​​​​is located in Maine and offers a 12,234-acre expanse of blueberry barrens, woodlands and peatlands with 4.5 miles of headlands overlooking the Bay of Fundy. You can see the gorgeous deep blue waters of the costal beach as you explore the rest of park and create memories that will change your life! 

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Cutler Coast Public Landsoffers a unique opportunity to see the diverse animals and plant life while enjoying long hikes and hours spent at the beach. Hikers can actually enjoy 10 miles of trails while discovering multiple hidden beach pockets, rocky shorelines, and marine life! The ambiance is truly majestic and you will feel like you are on a tropical vacation in South America. PLUS, if you want to make your stay longer than a road trip day, I suggest renting a campsite and enjoying a truly beautiful and relaxing weekend away from the city!


General Information:

Distance: 7 hours away From Montreal

Location: Cutler, Maine


  • ATV riding
  • Birdwatching
  • Camping
  • Hiking (trails)
  • Hunting
  • Watchable wildlife


  • $55 for an Individual Park Pass (admits the person who signed the pass)
  • $105 per Vehicle Park Pass (valid for the person who signed the pass and all occupants in up to a maximum size 17-passenger vehicle)

Schedule: Open year-round


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