The Insane Quarry 2 Hours Away From Montreal You Need To Visit This Summer

You can even go scuba diving here.
The Insane Quarry 2 Hours Away From Montreal You Need To Visit This Summer

Just because summer is winding to a close, doesn't mean we have to resign ourselves to a quiet, uneventful next few weeks. In fact, it's more important than ever to be adventurous, get out of our comfort zones, and make even more awesome summer memories.

A quick day trip to a new place is a great way to reenergize your last few weeks of summer. Luckily, the incredible Morrison's Quarry is only about two hours from Montreal, making it the perfect daylong adventure, and one you'll be talking about long into fall.

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The Morrison's Quarry is located near the towns of Chelsea and Wakefield, both charming hippie locales nestled in the Quebec hillside. The quarry is an absolutely gorgeous spot, with crystal blue waters where you can swim, snorkel, and scuba dive. It's actually one of the most popular scuba diving training spots in the region, complete with underwater wreckage to explore.

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Clearly, this place hits all the criteria for a summer paradise; a cool location, stunning natural beauty, clear waters, and lots of fun activities. But if relaxing and getting a tan sounds boring to you, the Morrison's Quarry is also a hotspot for thrill seekers.

Why so? Well, the site is also home to the largest bungee jump in North America. And don't worry, you won't be situated next to all the swimmers - the sections are separated, so both adrenaline junkies and laid-back visitors can happily enjoy the quarry.

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What could be more perfect for a quick summer road trip than a place where you can relax, enjoy nature, try something new, and test your adrenaline if you so please? Morrison's Quarry is truly one of the coolest places near Montreal that you can explore, and its proximity to the city makes it an easy choice.

Best of all, the area surrounding the quarry is just as worth exploring. Both Wakefield and Chelsea have a lot to offer in terms of shops, restaurants, bars, and scenic landscapes. You can do everything from hiking to horseback riding nearby, and there is also a lake close to the quarry where you can go swimming and boating for the day if you have some more time.

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So, if you're looking to maintain that sense of adventure and excitement you had at the beginning of the summer season, consider a day trip to Morrison's Quarry. It's equal parts beautiful as it is fun, and serves as an excellent way to simply relax and enjoy a summer day with your friends.

Situated in a vast area of stunning nature, quaint spots, and quality bars and restaurants, a day at the quarry could easily turn into a whole weekend if you desire. And why shouldn't it? It's summer after all, and if nothing else, we deserve to enjoy something beautiful for a while.

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