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The Insane 'Treetop Trail' Near Montreal You Must Visit ASAP

Growing up, every kid wanted  to live in a treehouse that had its very own playground in the sky, it was legit every kids' dream! Well, now your dreams can become reality with this life size adult version of a treetop park located near Montreal. This isn't your ordinary treehouse, this is a WHOLE park in the sky that lets you walk among the treetops!

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You may be wondering where in the world is this fairyland, and the truth is that is is located only 2 hours away from Montreal! Yes, you can run across the treetop trail by just completing a short drive that you can make a day trip this labor day weekend.

The treetop trail is called Wild Walk and it was created by Wild Center, a not-for-profit organization that offers visitors the chance to explore the Adirondacks (located in upstate New York) from a whole new perspective. The Wild Walk is an elevated trail that mounts 30 feet above ground level, and thus offering the most spectacular views of the Adirondack mountains.

The trail itself also includes interconnecting boardwalks, suspensions bridges, cargo nets and viewing platforms around every turn. Not only does this treetop trail offer superb views, but it also gives visitors the opportunity to see wild animals in all their glory.

The Wild Center and Wild Walk are open daily from 10am until 6pm and it is located in Tupper Lake, New York. It's a great activity for both adults and kids since they have a variety of fun activities and gorgeous views that everyone can appreciate!

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