The Insane "Winter Canyon" 1 Hour Away From Montreal That’s Totally Worth Roadtripping

You'll finally understand what "taking your breath away" actually means.
The Insane "Winter Canyon" 1 Hour Away From Montreal That’s Totally Worth Roadtripping

Canda sure does have amazing places to travel to especially in Quebec but have you ever thought about the U.S?  This place is one hour away from Montreal and is absolutely stunning in the summer but more so in the winter, which is why they opened up winter tours! Yes, I get that now with Trump as president some of you might be like HELL NAH! But this winter canyon is so beautiful that it is worth the risk!

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The  Ausable Chasm in New-York it absolutely breathtaking! It will literally take you less time to drive there than driving to Mont-Tremblant! The only difference is that you need your passport. It’s a 2-mile long sandstone gorge with a river that runs through it that features some spectacular rock formations that makes you feel like you are in a winter wonderland!

Photo Cred- Lake Champlain

The Ausable Chasm is now offering their brand new Winter Tours that you just can't miss! You can avoid the summer crowds and maybe even have the entire park to yourself! You will be able to see a view of gigantic icicles that tower 150′ above the Ausable River and a chasm blanketed in snow.

Photo Cred- Lake Champlain

Two-hour guided winter tours are also available but reservations are required.  All visitors must wear snowshoes or ice cleats for safety, depending on how much ice and snow have accumulated. Rentals are available for $10 per day if you do not have your own.

Photo Cred- Ausable Chasm

You can even go on a special Photo Tour with resident photographers. It is a guided tour in the Ausable Chasm that is unique, and truly a memorable experience combining natural beauty with photography.  During this exclusive tour, you can take photographs of the rock and ice formations along the popular Inner Sanctum Trail and Rainbow Falls,and much more.

Photo Cred- Ausable Chasm

It is recommended to bring a D-SLR or film SLR with a lens or lenses capable of capturing wide angle to moderate angle images, a zoom lens, (a macro lens is also great to have,) a tripod, extra batteries, film or digital media, and appropriate winter gear.  All tour options take about 2 hours and you should expect moderate winter hiking conditions along the trail.

Photo Cred- Ausable Chasm

Prices for PHOTO tour:

  • (minimum of 2 guests per tour, maximum of 8)
  • 2 guests - $129.00
  •  Additional guest $50
  • 4 guests - $179.00
  •    Additional guests 5 to 8 - $40.00 per person

Photo Cred- Ausable Chasm

PHOTO Tour includes:

  • Exclusive entrance to the Ausable Chasm trails
  • Personal photography guide - I will be your personal photography guide on all tours
  • Light snacks and beverage

Photo Cred- Ausable Chasm

book your PHOTO tour reservations:

Phone: 518-593-0985


Regular winter tours are guided snowshoe or ice cleat tours that will take you through the Ausable Chasm, showing you the beautiful ice formations as well as providing a rare experience to get the insider knowledge from our experienced guides.

Photo Cred- Ausable Chasm

This two-hour tour gives you an extensive look at the magnificent chasm.  Please arrive 30 minutes before your tour starts. This is a 4-mile hike round-trip. Ages 10+

Photo Cred- Ausable Chasm

How Far: 1 hour away from Montreal! (It's totally worth the Roadtrip! You can basically make it a cute day trip with your friends!)

Price: $25 per person




Photo Cred- Ausable Chasm

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