The Insanely Beautiful "Emerald" Lake Only An Hour From Montreal That You Need To Visit This Summer

You're so close to this serene paradise.
The Insanely Beautiful "Emerald" Lake Only An Hour From Montreal That You Need To Visit This Summer

When you envision a Canadian summer, the backdrop is undoubtedly an expansive lake surrounded by rocky shore, with pine trees towering above. While some people equate summer with a sandy beach, us Canadians know that our stunningly beautiful natural lakes are what makes this hot season not only bearable, but beyond enjoyable.

Although being in the city for the summer is a ton of fun, it can sometimes feel stifling, both literally and figuratively. At some point, we're all left with that familiar longing to be somewhere by the water, somewhere we can temporarily forget about the lack of AC in our apartment, or the sweaty morning commute to work.

Enter Brome Lake. I stumbled upon photos of this beautiful lake while researching for another article, and I was immediately taken aback.

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Before I got too excited about visiting this serene-looking paradise, I quickly researched where it was, expecting it to be a four-plus hour drive away, thus making it an unrealistic possibility. Imagine my state of elation when I learned that this lake is only 1 hour away from Montreal.

Convinced yet?

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No, still need convincing?

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Still wondering if you should bother?

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I mean, if you're not sold at this point, I can't help you. The awesome advantage of this lake being so close to Montreal is that you can go for just the day if need be, or you can make it a quick and easy weekend trip.

The lake is also surrounded by gorgeous high mountains, so if you're interested in hiking and biking trails as well, the region around Brome Lake can certainly deliver.

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And of course, water sports and activities are totally viable on Brome Lake. So if you have a boat, or want to rent one at the nearby marina, you can certainly do so.

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There are so many options when it comes to summer vacations, day trips, or ways to escape the city and be in nature. But the problem is, many destinations are either too far, expensive, or involve a complicated planning process.

Brome Lake is ideal not only because it's close to Montreal, but because it can offer all the classic summer experiences you might be looking for, in one place. Plus, it's just stunning - it truly encompasses the quintessential Canadian summer image that we're all nostalgic for.

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So, if you want this to be you and your squad, seriously consider venturing to Brome Lake. Also, if you're looking to rent a cottage, there are some options available on the lake, as well as in the nearby townships, for reasonable prices.

If Brome Lake doesn't satisfy all of your summer dreams, I don't know what will. So set aside as many hours as you can, because this quiet gem deserves all time in the world.

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