The Irish Embassy Bar Will Remain Closed For At Least 6 Months Due To Fire

It could be as long as a year before they reopen.
The Irish Embassy Bar Will Remain Closed For At Least 6 Months Due To Fire

I'm sure you remember all the fires around Montreal the other week. 

It seemed for the moment that Montreal was under attack by some fire gods - with major fires in the downtown core causing road closures, squatters to be evacuated, and some of Montreal's very best downtown bars to forcibly close for the time being. 

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The Irish Embassy Pub and Grill on Montreal's downtown Bishop street is closed due to the insane water damage from a 5-alarm fire that broke out in the early hours of Saturday morning on March 24th.

This was very startling and sad news to wake up to on Saturday morning. I, personally, have spent many hours at the Embassy with friends, friends who spent years working there, going by for a pint after shows. 

The Irish Embassy was one of the first Montreal establishments I started to frequent when I first came to this amazing city.

A pair of my friends even got engaged and held an engagement party there. 

150 firefighters were deployed in the morning hours of the 24th, and water damage took out the top floor of the next door bar Comedyworks - who has since set-up a temporary home in McLean's Pub nearby. 

Today, the Irish Embassy owner, Paul Quinn, has confirmed that even though the repairs of the bar will move along quickly, they won't likely be open to the Montreal public very soon.

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CBC reports that the Irish Embassy owners are hopeful to open up again in the next 5-6 months, or at least by St-Patrick's Day, 2019.

The bar's general manager said the staff at the Irish Embassy knew the bar was "gone" when they received the call about the damage. 

The insurance company looking after the Montreal pub has told their management that it will be 6 months before the work on the building is finished, but assured Quinn and his staff that they will "get the job done."

It may be a little ambitious, to open up again in just 6 months - but Quinn notes that he hopes the bar will be back in operating form by this time next year.

Montreal's Irish community and pubs around the area have all jumped in to give their support however they could.

More than 20 bars have hired the staff from the Irish Embassy while the pub stays closed pending building repairs. 

I sincerely and truly hope that all goes smoothly with the insurance and repairs of the Irish Embassy - I still pass by there every day when I head into work... and it's always a sad walk passing by. 

You will be missed, Irish Embassy and Co. Come back soon!

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