The Ketchup Doritos Poutine

Meanwhile in Canada.
The Ketchup Doritos Poutine

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. It's your good friend Jeremy Hazan here AKA the poor man's food blogger.

You've no doubt seen my marvelous creations in the past.

-The Pizza-Hot Dog

-The World’s Tastiest Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

But this time I come to you with the first ever Foodporn / Lifehack combo. Making poutine is awesome but fries can take up to 15 minutes to make! Who the hell has that kind of time?

So we decided to skip the french fry step all together and simply replace them with the only logical alternative in this food combination: Ketchup flavored Doritos.


What you'll need:

1. Ketchup Doritos

2. Quebec "squeaky" cheese curds

3. St-Hubert "Poutine" sauce (warmed up 3-4 min in a microwave)

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