10 Kinds Of Dates To Go On In Laval This Summer

Montreal can get boring if you always visit the same clubs, bars and restaurants.
10 Kinds Of Dates To Go On In Laval This Summer

From the outside looking in, Laval may seem just like any other old suburb. If you venture inside, however, you'll discover quite a few opportunities to re-ignite the flame between yourself and your significant other. Dating in Montreal can become monotonous if you refuse to leave the city and continuously visit the same clubs, bars and restaurants. The north shore however can provide the perfect atmosphere for a mellow and enjoyable summer date night that broadens your horizons and raises the heat in your relationship.

1. Grab a bite to eat at Table 51

3035 Boulevard le Carrefour

Open late on weekends, Table 51 is the perfect choice for a romantic date. Their urban-cuisine inspired menu shows off their impressive variety of options. The restaurant offers a nice ambiance for a relaxing and delicious dinner for two, during which you can share their famous deep fried oreos for dessert without worrying about the calories, because you know you’ll just burn them off later.

2. Ice cream at Paysanne Gelato

2050 Boulevard Curé-Labelle

Paysanne is a classic spot for Laval natives. Situated right on Curé-Labelle, it provides a drive-in like atmosphere where you can easily relax together while having a soft-serve ice cream cone. With its picnic tables and large variety of gelato, it will charm everyone, even the lactose-intolerant.

3. Visit Centre de la Nature

901 avenue du Parc

Centre de la Nature is one of Laval’s main attractions, especially throughout the summer. During the day it offers nature-centric activities and many spots to have a picnic. For summer nights, however, Centre de la Nature is a great area to take a scenic walk through. And don’t worry if you get too chilly - you always have your date to warm you up.

4. Hit some golf balls at Golf UFO

4800 Boulevard Dagenais Ouest

If you’re a couple that’s looking to do something out of the ordinary on date night, look no further than Golf UFO. Hitting a few golf balls can provide the perfect opportunity for you to get close to your special someone by teaching them how to grip and swing that golf club correctly.

5. Go karting at Action 500

2025 Autoroute 440

Dating can become monotonous, so it’s important to try and add some adventure into the mix.

Go-karting is a safer alternative when taking an adventurous approach to dating. The best part about go-karting at Action 500 is that it’s open 24/7, so rather than just hitting up the same old bars, you can race your significant other to the finish line and win their heart (Awww).

6. Drinks and dancing at Moomba

1780 Avenue Pierre Péladeau

On the other end of the spectrum lies a night of drinking and dancing at Moomba. This is one of Laval’s main attractions for many over the age of 18. It has a great atmosphere, and if you visit on the right night you get to experience a mix of great music. A date at Moomba on a summer night wouldn’t be complete without a great drink and an opportunity to get even closer to your significant other. Love is one third of their slogan, after all.

7. Plan a getaway to Spa & Hôtel Le Finlandais

124, 125 boul. Labelle

Massages and exfoliation are great ways to relax, but even better when you’re with your significant other. Located in Rosemère, which is technically just outside of Laval, Spa & Hôtel Le Finlandais offers many packages and promotions, but the duo Sweet Dream massage is a great way to unwind with your other half. A beautiful retreat like this will only inspire your summer romance.

8. Play pool at Le Skratch

965 Boulevard Curé-Labelle

One of Laval’s most famous bars is Le Skratch, which offers a relaxed ambiance and provides pool tables and beer. Playing pool is a laid-back way to have some fun and get to know your date. A bar, beer and big-screen tv’s all make Le Skratch a great place to take a date on a summer night.

9. A late night movie at Colossus

2800 Cosmodome Street

Seeing a movie is a go-to date idea, and Colossus is a great location. Although a late night movie is a more typical approach to a date, going to a movie at Colossus offers the advantage of taking a stroll through Centropolis, which is quite nice on a warm summer night. And if the date doesn’t go well, you can easily head on over to Moomba across the street.

10. Sangria on the terrace at La Belle et La Boeuf

510, promenade du Centropolis

If you’re looking for a place that provides great music, amazing drinks and a laid-back atmosphere, La Belle et La Boeuf is the place for your perfect date. This restaurant provides you with an excellent drink menu, including 6 different types of Sangria, and if you're feeling more adventurous, 11 different specialized drinks that are served in mason jars. Drunk off sangria, or drunk in love?

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