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The Largest Show In The Montreal Jazz Fest Was Just Canceled For Being Super Racist

Many are commending the festival for their decision.
The Largest Show In The Montreal Jazz Fest Was Just Canceled For Being Super Racist

The Montreal International Jazz Festival is probably the most talked about event in the city right now, with a pretty big line up of well-known and upcoming musicians as well as unique events lined up, it's no surprise the festival has been in the news non-stop since it began.

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Last week over 75 protestors gathered outside the venue for SLĀV, a show that seemingly invoked ideas of the history of racism, oppression and more controversial topics transformed into a musical. 

The main cause for upset was that the entire cast and director is white, while the songs in the production were originally written by black slaves. The show's director refused to step down from performing, asking protestors to see it before having any judgement.

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Well, there's no need for that now. SLĀV has just cancelled all of their performances for the rest of the festival. The decision comes after two previous shows were cancelled due to the controversial topic getting tons of backlash. 

Earlier this week, one musician set to perform at the Jazz Fest cancelled their show in protest in SLĀV, refunding all of the tickets sold for the performance and publicly slamming Montreal Jazz Fest for booking the show. 

The Montreal International Jazz Festival has apologised to those who were offended by the show, also offering full refunds to anyone who already bought a ticket.

SLĀV was considered to be the most popular show at the festival, which leaves a really bad taste in a lot of people's mouths. Although cancelling the show was a step in the right direction, many wonder why this was even allowed to happen in the first place in 2018.

There are tons of other performances lined up for the festival that are void of any racist undertones, so festival goers and jazz enthusiasts can still enjoy all of the events this week without concern.

Currently, the rest of the Montreal International Jazz Festival is set to run smoothly. For more information on performances and events click HERE.


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