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The Last Dunkin' Donuts In Canada Are Officially Closing

Tim Hortons has emerged victorious.
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The Last Dunkin' Donuts In Canada Are Officially Closing

I am from Boston.

Consequently, Dunkin' Donuts coffee runs through my veins. In New England, it's normal to see each and every person on their way to work with a large Dunks iced coffee in their hands, even in the middle of winter.

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In the U.S. Dunks large coffees are LARGE. Like football-sized.

Then, of course, there are all of their novelty donuts. I mean, these donuts are really pretty.

Unfortunately, the company could not export that same charm to Canada.

Despite an effort to expand to the north in the late 20th century, Dunkin' Donuts just could not compete with Tim Hortons, the famous Canadian coffee brand that was once synonymous with the national identity.

Over the last twenty years, Dunks has slowly retreated from Canada, leaving only a handful of stores in the Montreal area. But one by one those too have fallen.

In recent years, only three DD locations remained: two in Montreal and one on the South Shore.

Unfortunately, we can today confirm that the last three stores as we know them are closing.

We independently contacted representatives at the last three locations who all confirmed that the identities of the stores were fundamentally changing.

All three stores have been renamed and are undergoing other rebranding as well.

At least one Reddit image by user benoitbrunet of a newly named store has been circulating today, apparently the first day of the rebranding effort.

Via benoitbrunet

The Verdun Dunkin' Donuts has become "Deli Donut," a name about which I have mixed feelings. Who wants to be reminded of deli meat while purchasing coffee?

It's an odd name, but I hope it serves the proprietors well.

Tim Hortons has defeated Dunkin' Donuts in Canada.

DD is also rebranding at home. According to The Independent, the company is attempting to rename some stores "Dunkin." So it seems big changes are in store internationally.

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