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The Last Two Game Of Thrones Episodes Won't Be As Long As We Thought

This is not what we were promised, HBO!
The Last Two Game Of Thrones Episodes Won't Be As Long As We Thought

Before the new season started, Game of Thrones fans were clamouring to know how long each episode of season eight would be. Theories claimed that the new season would have six feature-length episodes. Others were a little more realistic. 

When HBO announced episode lengths this March, a lot of people were somewhere between disappointed and excited. Sure, we were getting new Game of Thrones, but a lot of us felt cheated that HBO didn't go the distance and give us the six feature-length episodes that we were all hoping for. 

Last season, fans were treated to two feature-length episodes for the final two of season seven. If we add the total length of S7E6 and E7, we get 152 minutes of Thrones. This season, the last two episodes, each at 80 minutes, add up to 160 minutes. So, what gives?

Despite this season being pretty good so far, fans will be disappointed no matter what. Well, unfortunately, I'll amplify your disappointment today with some quick math. 

Season 7 of Game of Thrones has a cumulative run-time of 442 minutes. Though season 7 has one more episode than the current season, fans will be disappointed to know that what's hailed as the longest and most epic season to date actually isn't. 

Season 8 of Game of Thrones has a cumulative run-time of 432 minutes. The upcoming final episodes are going to be 80 minutes, or 1 hour 20 mins each. Episode 3, "The Long Night" was a record 82 minutes long. Exactly one minute longer than last season's record-breaking finale. 

Therefore, season 7 has a longer run-time than season 8.

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What's the deal, HBO? Your fans, including me, were begging for an epically long season that you promised us. Sure, season 7 had one more episode than season 8 but how do you guys justify that your final and so-called most epic season is 10 minutes shorter than the previous one? 

Fans across the world have been reacting super negatively to episode length, citing that this season's quality has drastically diminished due to a rushed feeling. Honestly, I have to agree. Last week's episode felt rushed and like a misuse of screen time. Oh, and let's not forget Daenerys's coffee cup. 

Don't expect the last two episodes to be that long, folks. Even George R.R. Martin, the author of the books, was extremely disappointed with how this season turned out.

Like many, I'll still tune in to watch the last two episodes because dammit, I'm in it for the long haul. Also, we deserve to know what happens with Cersei, Dany, Jon, and the rest. 

Though, I'll never forgive Jon for not saying a proper goodbye to Ghost. 


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