The Liberal Party Wants You To Sign This Petition And Legalize Marijuana

Photo cred - Pot Bunnies

The Liberal Party of Canada has just become our favourite political party, with the launch of their official petition to legalize marijuana. Yes, the party led by the infamous Justin Trudeau are trying to make weed legal in Canada. God bless.

Playing with the heartstrings of parents, the Liberal party is using the “save the children angle” and arguing that by making marijuana legal, it will “keep marijuana out of our kids’ hands.” Apparently in all of the world, Canada is the leader of teen weed smokers, so the argument has some merit.

By creating official laws and regulations, the Liberal Party believes “we can better protect our kids, while preventing millions of dollars from going into the pockets of criminal organizations and street gangs.” Sure, whatever y’all gotta say to get folks to sign.

Sign the document and support the initiative to make marijuana legal in Canada by heading to the official Liberal Party petition here. We can’t lag behind the USA on this one folks, so get on it.

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