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The Liberals Just Announced Plans To Fund Construction Of Montreal's Pink Metro Line

The Montreal metro could get more colourful!
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The Liberals Just Announced Plans To Fund Construction Of Montreal's Pink Metro Line

As we all know, Mayor Valérie Plante has turned the Pink Line project for the Montreal metro into her child. What seemed to be a distant dream due to its high cost is getting closer to becoming a reality. 

The Liberals have just announced that, if re-elected, they will provide financing for the Pink Line project, as part of the $3 billion they plan to invest in Montreal's public transportation. The Pink Line project currently has a budget of $1 million, so this investment could speed up its planning and construction rapidly.

This potential financing from the Liberals would also support a list of other public transportation initiatives in Montreal, including an extension of the west branch of the Orange Line.

Steven Guilbeault, Mélanie Joly, and Genevieve Hinse, who are all Liberal Party candidates, spoke at Metro Beaubien this morning to share this news with the people of Montreal. 

During the announcement, ecologist and politician Steven Guilbeault referred to this an environmentally forward project. He admits that the Liberal Party needs "to do more, to do better" when it comes to climate issues.

Mayor Plante recognizes that there are many boroughs in Montreal that are poorly served when it comes to efficient ways to get around, and she's doing something about it.

The first phase of the new Pink Line of the Montreal metro will consist of a streetcar going from Lachine to downtown, which would make getting around easier for thousands of Montrealers who have had to struggle with unreliable buses for the last few decades.

As we're constantly reminded, politicians are full of promises — some kept, many forgotten. But, it seems hope can be put into the Liberals' Pink Line promise due to their recent history of aiding in the funding Montreal's public transportation.

In July 2019, Justin Trudeau announced the Liberals' decision to invest $1.3 billion in the extension of the Blue Line. This investment covers a third of the costs of the entire project, which is set to begin in 2021. 

It seems the future is looking up for the STM! If you're wondering what this futuristic metro map will look at, we've got you covered. 

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