The Life Of Justin Bieber In Canada Before He Was Famous (12 Photos)

'Sorry', but he definitely fulfilled his 'purpose'.

You know what, I'll just come out and say it: I actually feel a little sorry for Justin Bieber.

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I know, I know. His attitude hasn't been the best, apparently, and he's rich AF so really he's probably a lot better off in life than some of us.

But still, guys. He's obviously going through some shit. It's impossible to know the whole life of someone and all their struggles, so I think we need to just lay off Bieber for a bit.

And if you're having a hard time remembering that he's a human, too, here are some photos of him, before all the fame and Selena Gomez drama, to remind you:

Bieber through the years.

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He's been playing guitar since forever, obvs.

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Loving the crowd, even at a young age.

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Walk 8 miles in Bieber’s shoes.

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Look how cute he is with those bubbles!

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And the teddy bear!

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Always down to make music.

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Michael Jackson repping forever.

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