The Mac & Cheese Pizza Is Probably The Next Pizza You Will Want To Eat

The cheesiest comfort foods combined into one amazing dish.

Alright, show of hands: who here is totally in love with pizza? Actually, sorry for wasting your time with that dumb question. Everyone is in love with pizza. It's the universal bae.

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And just like pizza is pretty much everyone's favourite food, mac and cheese is pretty much everyone's favourite comfort food.

Cheesy, melty, gooey, and pasta-y, there's pretty much nothing a good bowl of mac and cheese can't fix. So you'd think the combination of both, much like poutine pizza, would be pretty much the best thing to happen to humanity.

via @elbowsmacncheese

And thankfully, a mac and cheese/pizza combination is legit available, and it looks freaking amazing.

Available at Elbows Mac n' Cheese, in Brea, California, this gooey, ultra cheesy treat is pretty much what all of our dreams are made of. Behold the masterpiece:

via @elbowsmacncheese

via @elbowsmacncheese

via @elbowsmacncheese

And, hey, if you're not planning to visit California but still want a taste of this delight, then good news - it seems super easy to make. All you need is mac and cheese, pizza, and the power to believe in your dreams.

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