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The Magical Town In Quebec You Need To Road Trip To This Fall

It will leaf you smiling.
The Magical Town In Quebec You Need To Road Trip To This Fall

As the weekend approaches (just a few more hours), I'm sure you want to take advantage of it.

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There's so many activities and things to do in the fall, like visiting the Michel Jodoin Ciderie, going apple picking, renting a chalet, or just curling up and watching Netflix. 

Since it's going to be fairly nice this weekend, why not take a road trip to a scenic and picturesque locale to view the changing of the season? 

You can do just that by traveling to a nearby town just outside of Montreal that is absolutely splendid during the fall time. 

This town is Stanstead, Quebec, only 1.5 hours from Montreal! A quick drive to see this picturesque town when all the leaves have turned a deep crimson, yellow, and orange sounds absolutely delightful to me. 

Besides seeing a beautiful town, you can also smell and see the famous Bleu Lavande lavender fields.

If you want to do something more active, you can take a bike ride along the Tomofobia bike trail. 

There are alo golf clubs, a stone circle, or you can have a lovely picnic lunch at an apple orchard! 

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The best part? The awesome scenery you can see for absolutely free. 

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