Many will remember when last month a video showing a young guy brutally attack another man in Laval went viral.

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In that surveillance video, a large man runs up to a gentleman outside a day care and strikes him in the face. The victim, Artyom Nersisyan, fell onto his back on the pavement before the suspect ran away outside the scope of the security camera.

Injuries from the attack threatened Nersisyan's life. He lived but remains hopitalized and in a coma.

Investigators had been baffled for over a month by the seemingly random attack and began an intensive search for the suspect.

Fortunately, news broke today that that man has been arrested, and for a completely different crime!

Montreal police detained the 26-year-old man after tracking a stolen car that he was driving.

After discovering that this was likely the same man responsbile for the Laval attack, he was given to police on the north shore.

The suspect, as yet unnamed, will likely be charged with multiple serious offenses when he makes a court appearance this weekend.

There's no word yet about what the man's motives could have possibly been for attacking Nersisyan.

The public can rest easy now that the anonymous perpetrator is in custody. Hopefully Nersisyan can get the justice he deserves.

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