The Marijuana Macchiato Is A Great Way To Start Your Day

Photo cred - Sprudge

Two of Montreal's most favourite-est substances to consume on the daily are easily weed and coffee. One you take in the morning to get you all ready for the day's action, and the second you use to unwind in the evening. I'm of course referring to decaff coffee to de-stress in the evening, 'cuz this guy needs his beauty sleep. Combining Montreal's two most oft used "drugs" is the Magic Macchiato, an alchemical fusion of weed and coffee, courtesy of Sprudge.

Created by Sprudge contributors Zak and Ethan, the Magic Macchiato is one part pick me up, one part relaxer, making for a delightfully contradictory beverage that is sure to send your mind and body into a state of light nirvana. It also looks like the perfect hangover cure, because as we all know, weed and coffee can fix pretty much any post-alcohol ailment.

Whipping up your own Magic Macchiato only requires you have your own espresso machine, and a lot of kief. For any non-stoner reading, kief is the sacred substance found in grinders after long periods of use, essentially being a "resin" accumulated over many bouts of grinding and filtering cannabis. Assuming you have enough kief in hand, the rest of the drink come together pretty easily.

Check out a step-by-step guide on how to make Zak & Ethan's Magic Macchiato below, from Sprudge.

Put some melted chocolate (the syrup kind works too) in the bottom of your espresso cup, for some added sweetness

Fill up your espresso ground holder (apparently called a 'portafilter') halfway with coffee

Add in your kief, about 0.5-1g

Top off with more coffee and compress

Pull your shot of cannabis-espresso

Top with some luxurious steamed milk

Throw some cinnamon on it, then get your drank on

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