The Massive Beach Party At Montreal's Parc Jean-Drapeau You Need To Attend This Summer

If there's one quintessential summer activity, it's a beach party. The thing is, getting to a beach is only feasible if you have a car, making a beach party kind of difficult to throw. Good thing we have some man-made beaches right in the city, like Parc Jean-Drapeau's Jean-Doré Beach, which is kicking off the summer season with a gigantic beach party.

A day-long celebration of all things summery, the Jean-Doré Beach opening party will have stuff for pretty much everyone, from all the twenty-nothings who just want to party a bit to younger kids who want fun of a different sort.

Live music, all sorts of beach games, a sand castle-building competition, prizes, food, and tons more. All that, with the magic that is a sunny day at the beach included, of course. Play in the water or just tan in the sun, it doesn't matter as long as you're having a good time.

The only minor downside to the beach-party is that there is a small cover charge. Still, when you consider that a car ride to a beach close to Montreal will cost you even more for gas (if you have a car, at all), and the admission price doesn't seem all that bad.

Besides, you can't put a price on beach fun, right? Okay, maybe you can but it definitely isn't more than the 9$ it'll cost you to get into this beach jam.

For more details on Jean-Doré Beach's opening party, going down on June 25th, head over to official Facebook event page.

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