The Massive “Pop Up Brunch” Happening In Montreal’s Plateau This Weekend

...and every weekend for the next 6 months!
The Massive “Pop Up Brunch” Happening In Montreal’s Plateau This Weekend

Guys, winter is here and it sucks. The only thing that will get me through this snowy season is a cozy place that serves a full page of mac and cheese creations - and yes, they have a creamy vegan mac that will make you wonder which is better. I just want a place I can turn up in my pajamas. A place I can have a cheeky afternoon beer or a spicy bourbon caesar.

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Luckily, Kiffin has come to bring my winter dreams to life. Located at the Plateau on 3439 rue Saint-Denis, Kiffin offers mouthwatering food for prices that the regular Joe can afford. And even better, they are legit environmentally and socially sustainable. This is the kind of food we deserve to be eating!

But it’s not just the food that makes this place so memorable. When we hear about business owners facing insurmountable odds to bring their vision to life, very few businesses sparkle with the touch of the Phoenix as do Kiffin. You might remember the name because it originally launched in May this year, but it was open just six days before the yoga studio above it burnt down, causing the beautifully redone space to shut down at the beginning of the busy summer season.

It’s taken six months of repairs, determination and passion for the cafe to reopen on November 18th. Serious props go to cafe owner Natasha Alani and Portland Cordon Bleu chef Aaron Fetherston for seriously digging deep to make this dream a reality.

But not only does Kiffin have an incredible story of a rise from the ashes, but they have an incredible brunch menu. And of course, they're dressing up for the occasion. In Pyjamas.

via @cafekiffin

Over winter, this weekend and every single weekend over the next six months, Kiffin will be hosting pyjama brunches. With a side toasty dish of fall and winter veggies and a spiked coffee or a classic French 75 cocktail, this is the coziest way to catch up with friends this winter and spend those dark and snowy afternoons enjoying their reading nook!

The thing that is most awesome about of the pre-booked weekend brunch sessions is not only is there zero wait for you, but by knowing exactly how many people are coming for brunch, Kiffin prepares the exact amount of food. That not only means no food waste (channeling some serious Captain Planet good deeds here) but they don’t need to charge you an arm and leg to provide ah-mazing food and a beautiful space (including a piece of nook?).

Kiffin is more than omg-sensational food, but it’s socially conscious too. It works to use food fresh from farms in season, aims to eliminate food waste, and (my favorite), provides mac n cheese options for everyone - even if you’re vegan.

So whether you’re craving a mid-week meal or acozy (pajama-covered!) weekend brunch, Kiffin has got you covered.

You can follow Kiffin on Facebook or Insta, or book their unmissable weekend bunch sesh here, or swing by for mac and cheese any night of the week at 3439 rue Saint Denis.