The Meatball-Waffle Poutine You Need To Make For Your Mouth Right Now

Get meaty.
The Meatball-Waffle Poutine You Need To Make For Your Mouth Right Now

Photo cred - Melanie Makes

Soon the holidays will be over, and you're ongoing excuse to eat decadent delights (we've all said "fuck it, gimme some more cake, it's the holidays" at least once) will soon be over. Before you transition into healthy-New-Years-Resolution mode, consider having one more sinful gustatory experience: the Meatball Poutine by Melanie Makes.

A far cry from your standard poutine, which some may see as a good or bad thing, the Meatball Poutine switches up the gravy-cheese-potato trinity a bit. Gravy is still where it should be, though waffle fries are sub'd in for the standard French cut while cheddar cheese cubes replace the classic curd. The former is a welcome change in my books, the latter is poutine blasphemy, but easily remedied.

Following the actual recipe guidelines makes this dish a snap to create, as prepared gravy, meatballs, and waffle fries are all suggested. You can go big and go homemade with all three (good luck on the waffle fries front) but we won't judge you if you just go with store-bought stuff. You did enough cooking over the holidays, right?

Check out the full rundown on the Meatball Poutine right here, and feast your eyes on pics below.

photo credits - Melanie Makes

Photo cred - Thrillist

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